The first listing tool designed for the convenience
of sellers!
With the press of a button, sellers are easily notified
to return home when a showing is complete.
Patent Pending
Return Home as Quickly as Possible After a Showing!

Listen to How Showing Beacon Can Help You!

The Showing Beacon, with its patent pending technology, makes it simple to notify the seller to return home directly after the showing is complete. Eliminate uncertainty and excessive wait times with push button convenience.

Are You Selling Your Home?
Tired of being put out, literally? With the Showing Beacon, eliminate the excessive time frames allotted for the showing of your home and return home as quickly as possible after a showing. Minimize the hassle and inconvenience put on you and your family while your house is on the market. Install a Showing Beacon in your home and talk to your REALTOR about pressing the button to notify you it’s safe to return home. Because it’s still your home until it’s sold!
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Are You a REALTOR?
Acquire the listing and sell the house. That’s the idea, but no one knows more than sellers, that there’s more to the process. As part of the service you provide as a REALTOR, offer the Showing Beacon and offer a low-hassle home selling experience. Not only is it easy to use and affordable to maintain, it’s a listing tool that helps acquire listings and generate referrals. Simply install the Showing Beacon in your seller’s home and with the press of a button, a message is sent to their cell phone that the showing is complete. Once the home is sold, just move the Showing Beacon to your next listing!
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